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Subject: Reginald John Hebblethwaite brother of Bryan Hebblethwaite killed in 1944
Posted by: Simon Hamilton, sjhhamilton@eircom.net
Message: My name is Simon. My father "Reginald John Hebblethwaite" born the 12th of April 1921, was the brother of Bryan Hebblethwaite, who was just over 2 years younger than my father and left school early to join the forces in the Second World War, only to die at Arnhem in 1944.

I've tried to contact two people who have previously posted messages on your site (messages No. 033 & 043). I know Laura Hebblethwaite (message 043) is related to me, as her grandfather's brother is my father, but I'm most interested in what Hope Hebblethwaite (message 033) has to say, and require more details from both. Can you post a message on your site for them to contact the site or me directly?

Postscript: See entry for Bryan Hebblethwaite
In addition, two other researchers are trying to contact Simon. See Search Ref 033 and Search Ref 043.

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