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Capsticks and Benthams
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Successive generations of of my Hebblethwaite family tree are shown in the Generations section below in descending order starting with my son Robert. For further information, click on a subject. This will take you to the generation page for that person, providing biographical, spouse and sibling details. From an individual's page, you may move back or forward a generation, or return to this page.

Looking for a Hebblethwaite?
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Capsticks and Benthams
My paternal grandmother, Dora Capstick, was born in 1894 to Agnes Ann Capstick, a bakeress of Dent, near
Sedbergh. Agnes Ann later married James Bentham of Bridge End, Dent.
For further information on Capsticks and Benthams of Dent, and a mystery photo, see A Capstick Mystery.
Name Born Died
Robert John 1991 Kendal
John Edward 1956 Lancaster
Donald 1924 Bentham 2007 Settle
Ted (John Edward) 1889 Hutton Roof 1959 Bentham
William 1842 Hutton Roof 1915 Lancaster
Richard 1797 Tunstall 1879 Hutton Roof
Robert 1767 Whittington? Abt. 1863 Hutton Roof
Robert 1725 Whittington? 1799 Tunstall
Richard 1698 Whittington? ?
Richard 1668 Kirkby Lonsdale? ?
James 1630's? ?
The diagram below shows the descendents of Richard and Agnes Hebblethwaite to the present day. A further diagram showing descendents of James Hebblethwaite down to Richard (1797) is shown on the Earlier Generations page.

Descendents of Richard and Agnes Hebblethwaite
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