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Subject: Reginald John Hebblethwaite, Felixstowe, and Canadian Hebblethwaites
Posted by: Hope Hebblethwaite, Hophebb2@yahoo.ie
Message: I am married to John David Hebblethwaite, who was registered as Reginald John, born 07/2/46 in Croydon. His father disappeared in 1950 after his divorce and has not been seen since. Rumour had it that after marrying twice more, he ran ran off to Canada.

John has been trying to find his father for the last thirty five years. Can you be of any assistance  here, especially in tracing the thirty eight hebblethwaite families in Ontario?

John would also like to contact his cousin Simon Hamilton, who supplied photos of Bryan's father.
(see Family Search Page for Bryan Hebblethwaite)

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