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Subject: Bryan Hebblethwaite killed in Operation Market Garden, Arnhem, 1944
Posted by: Art van Uden, a.vanuden2@chello.nl
Message: My name is Aart van Uden and I am from Holland (Europe). I am a member of the www.marketgarden.com team. On our website we have created a 'Digital Monument' for the men that were killed during operation Market Garden in September 1944.

This Digital Monument holds the records of 3,450 Paratroopers and supporting elements stored in 4 online databases. Each individual record shows a photo of the gravestone and a personal photo (if available) and the available personal information. On a daily basis we are adding all the information provided by relatives or friends. We do this to honor them, and draw them out of anonymity. Their story should be preserved for the present and future generaions to remember.

We are looking for portraits and group photo's of them. We hope you can assist us in obtaining these. Do you have a personal photo of Bryan Hebblethwaite, Army number 6350200?

If you can, please send us the information or photo by email to: webmaster@marketgarden.com

Photographs were supplied by Bryan's nephew Simon Hamilton and are shown below.
Bryan's son has also placed a message on the Family Search Pages. He would like to contact Simon and is interested in any information about his grandfather and other ancestors. See Letchworth Hebblethwaites.

Bryan  and Kathleen Hebblethwaite

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