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Subject: A S Hebblethwaite, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Yorkshire
Posted by: Nancy Hock, hock.nancy@yahoo.com
Message: About 25 years ago I purchased a photo album at an antique show in Houston. The inscription reads A.S. Hebblethwaite, Dial House, Burley (the rest is unreadable). The photos are very old and are examples of early photography. They are pictures of family groups, landscapes, landmarks, and buildings.

Recently, I did some research and found that a Dr. Harold Hebblethwaite lived at 12 Dial House, Burley-in-Wharfedale. The Internet offered very little information on Dr. Hebblethwaite and his family so perhaps someone will respond.

I would very much like to "return" the album to any interested family member. It is quite old and the photos are not the best, but if it were part of my family history, I would want to have it.

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