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Subject: Portuguese and Leeds Hebblethwaites
Posted by: Olwen Jonklaas, Canberra, james.jonklaas at bigpond.com
Message: Olwen writes:

My nameís Olwen and I came across the Hebblethwaites of Oporto, Portugal and Leeds because some of them married Presgraves (Iím not related to either family). Iíve got some that I canít figure out how they fit in (or even if Iíve got the families correct):

Robert Hebblethwaite born about 1793 who married Jane. I believe that Jane was born about 1798 in Oporto, Portugal. Robert went to Ontario with their children and his wife stayed in England (I lose her after the 1861 census, she may have died in Leeds in 1865). Thereís a Robert Hebblethwaite baptised at St Peterís, Leeds in 1792 whose father was also a Robert but no mention of a mother.

James Hebblethwaite married to Eleanor, with daughters Mary Eleanor Hebblethwaite (born about 1837 and married the Rev. George Osborne Browne) and Amelia Isabella Hebblethwaite (born about 1840). I have a James Hebblethwaite born 1788 Ė died 1841 who married Mary Whiteley (daughter of the Rev Joseph Whiteley). Mary died in Oporto in 1835 and I was wondering if they were one and the same James Hebblethwaite.

Mary Whitelyís sister, Sarah Isabella Whitely, married the Rev. William Presgrave and their daughter, Eleanor Rosa Presgrave, married James Edward Hebblethwaite born abt 1823 in Oporto but I donít know who his parents are. Iím guessing heís probably the brother of Joseph Whiteley Hebblethwaite (born abt 1821 in Oporto) and John James Hebblethwaite (born 1818 in Oporto)  who married 2 more of the Rev. William Presgraveís daughters, Emily Anne Presgrave and Mary Isabella Presgrave respectively.

On the 1851 census, the Presgraves had a visitor recorded as Ellen Hibblethwaite, who I believe is the Eleanor who married James Hebblethwaite from 2 paragraphs up.

Any help placing these Hebblethwaites would be greatly appreciated.

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