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Subject: Yorkshire and Australian Hebblethwaites
Posted by: John Hebblethwaite, johnandnigel@optusnet.com.au
Message: My name is John Rodney Hebblethwaite born 27 January 1952.

My father, Harry Hebblethwaite, died in South Australia aged 86 years. Harry fought in the Rhodesian army during the war. Mother was Patricia, nee Taylor. My grand father was Alex Hebblethwaite, and his wife was Nellie Pickles (I kid you not). They were from Batley/Dewsbury, I think.

I was born in Batley. We moved to Devon in approx 1955 (I was 3 years old), then Somerset, and then Australia. My brother Paul lives in France (he was born in 1949, and a half sister Yvonne was born in 1946).

Brother Paul and I are wondering if there are any relations around In Australia or elsewhere?

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