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Subject: Zambian Hebblethwaites/Hepplethwaites continued
Posted by: Junita Hepplethwaite, junitahepplethwaite@yahoo.com
Message: My name is Junita Hepplethwaite, one of the Zambia Hebblethwaites. I would be most grateful if you could assist me trace my Hebbelthwaite relatives in Great Britain or elsewhere.

Victor Hepplethwaite (see message above on Zambia Hebbelthwaites) is my late mother's young brother. Here are details of my great grandfather's (Christopher John Heblethwaite) birth and death certificates:

Birth Certificate # BXCB 266540 (application # W185429 from the General Registrar Office - England) Registration District - West Derby
1884 birth in the Subdistrict of Wavertree in the County of Lancaster
Name: Christopher John
When and where born: 1st April 1884 - 96, Victoria Park, Wavertree M.5D
Name and surname of father: John Herbert Heblethwaite
Name and surname and maiden surname of mother: Sarah Jane Heblethwaite formerly Butler

Death Certificate # SA 046331 (Army Officers records of war deaths 1914 - 1920)
Name and rank: Hebbelthwaite, temp Lt, Christopher John
Unit: D.G.R. & E. 261
Died of wounds
Date: 7th April, 1915
Country - South of Yola, Cameroon/Nigeria - Africa.

I work as a manager for a company called Voyagers Rental/Imperial(car hire) in a city called Livingstone (home to the famous Victoria Falls) in southern Zambia, Africa. I am a widow aged 42 and I have 2 children (girl - 20 years and a boy - 10years).

If you can assist in any way it would really be nice of you.

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