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Subject: Sydney Horace Hebblethwaite, caricaturist
Posted by: Sarah Fredj, pierrefredj@free.fr
Message: Sarah is the granddaughter of Sydney Horace Hebblethwaite, caricaturist, born in Parkhurst Road, Holloway, Middlesex in 1873. Sydney was the son of Edmund (or Esmond), born c1847, and Helen Hebblethwaite, born in Islington 1850. They married on 31.05.1869.

Edmund (or Esmond) was the son of an engraver, Robert Hebblethwaite. He was also an artist/draftsman, and died 11.04.1875 at the age of 27. Helen was the daughter of Edwin John Brett, publisher, and Eliza. She lived to the age of 64 and died 23.04.1914. She appears to have remarried, since she was buried as Helen Robey at Highgate Cemetery. She had two other children, Maude Louise born 07.12.1869, and Esmond E, born in 1876 after her husband died.

Sarah's father, also Sydney Horace, was born 14.11.1914, four months after his father died on 15.07.1914. Sarah and her sister would love any further information that anyone can give.

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