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Subject: Beth Ann Hebblethwaite buried Sunset Cemetery, St Louis County, Missouri
Posted by: Lynn Allen, pandora1124@charter.net  NOTE: E-mail address no longer valid
Message: I live in St. Louis County Missouri, and my grandparents are buried at Sunset Cemetery. There is a grave of a little girl, Beth Ann Hebbletwaite there. She was born March 29 1965 and died December 12 1969. I go to the cemetery several times a year to pay my respects to my grandparents and always tidy up Beth Ann's grave as well. The first couple of years, her grave was decorated for Christmas and I was about 10 years old and it broke my heart. Since then, her grave has grown over and I am the only one to care for it. I am searching for the parents of Beth Ann to let them know someone is caring for her grave. I assume they moved away and can't get back to the St. Louis area.
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