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Subject: Frederick Joseph Benjamin Hebblethwaite, Driffield
Posted by: Joanne Ross, joanne.ross@whsmithnet.co.uk
Message: Hello, my name is Joanne.  I have recently just started looking into my families history and I'm not finding the census websites very helpful, so I hope you can help me make slightly more progress!!!

My grandfathers name is Fredrick Joseph Benjamin Hebblethwaite he was born at Danes Dale, Nafferton Slack, Nafferton, Driffield, East Yorkshire. They also lived at Aldborough at sometime. My grandfather is one of three (possibly more) Winifred and James.  He married my grandmother Lillian May Nobbs 19th December 1953. My grandfathers mothers name was Margaret Lowder she died in 1972 aged 72. His father was Fredrick Samuel Hebblethwaite died beginning of 1984.

I would be grateful of any advice.

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