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Subject: Essex/West Indies Hebblethwaites
Posted by: Adrian Gray, grayadrian3@gmail.com
Message: Although not directly related to me, I have a distant cousin who's great great grandmother was a Hebblethwaite from Great Sampford in Essex - rather a long way from most of the other Hebblethwaites! I have yet to really
investigate the line for her, and am stymied by an illegible entry anyway. This would be perfect for the birth of said gg granny H in 1792ish, but about the one thing I can be certain is that it doesn't read her name!

I have discovered a piece of information - again, yet to be checked, but nonetheless of interest - that may prove helpful to anyone trying to track down stray Hebblethwaites.

 If you go to http://www.essexcc.gov.uk/heritage/ero/seax/seaxmenu.htm and search SEAX for Hebblethwaite you will come across what looks to be a very interesting record. Leastaways, it links the Hebblethwaites to the West Indies as well as Essex, and it surprised me who thought the H's were merely middle class by rural standards!

Although I can't say when the Hebblethwaites appeared in Sampford, they were certainly still there in 1861, when I have a note that I spotted them in a census entry.

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