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Subject: Mirfield (Yorkshire) Hebblethwaites
Posted by: Deb Walker, deb.m.walker@ntlworld.com
Message: I downloaded the two pedigree charts donated by a fellow researcher in Germany because I am descended from the Hebblethwaites of Mirfield. I have to say that, whilst I can think of nothing better than to be descended from the Hebblethwaites of Sedbergh, I am afraid that I don't believe that John Hebblethwaite of Mirfield born circa 1725 has got any connection with them. 

You see John was actually baptised in Mirfield on 26th Jan 1724 under the surname HEBLET. Many of the early Hebblethwaites in Mirfield were recorded as Heblet and the spelling of the surname continues to vary right up to the early 1800s when it became standardised on Hebblethwaite. I have no idea why this was, but I have always considered it to be something to do with the mysteries of the broad west yorks dialect. Anyway, I have the will of my ancestor John who died in 1787 and in it he quite clearly lists his family....  Ann his wife (formerly Lee), John, his son (my ancestor), Thomas his son (the gentleman listed on the tree on your site born 1746) and two daughters Elizabeth (known as Betty) and Mary.

There is a great deal of evidence to support the Heblet / Hebblethwaite situation - for example Mary (above) was baptised as Mary Heblet, but when she married John Wright in 1782 she was Hebblethwaite.  Also, and perhaps more conclusively, Samuel baptised in 1773 the son of Thomas "Hebblethwaite" 1746-1818 (above) was actually baptised under the spelling HEBLET.

I have attached a file which more or less summarises the Hebblethwaite of Mirfield situation, and wonder if you would be kind enough to pass it on. I am more than happy to share any Hebblethwaite / Heblet data.

Click Here to view a PDF version (113 KB) of Deb's reply and the above file.

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