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Subject: Hebblethwaite House, Bridlington
Posted by: Sandra Sharp, sandrasharp39@msn.com
Message: I work at the HSBC Bank, 7 Westgate, Bridlington, and we have been researching the history of the building.

We know that it was around in the 1650's but we also know that a James Hebblethwaite took ownership of it in the 1700's.  The House was known locally as Hebblethwaite House.  I see from your website that there is a
Hebblethwaite Coat of Arms in Bridlington Priory so I assume that it is the same family.

Any help of where they came from & where they went to would be greatly appreciated. Little is known of the history until 1802 when Messrs Thompson & Holtby founded a bank in the building.

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