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Subject: Jeremiah and Nancy Hebblethwaite, Halifax
Posted by: Peggy Brown, Independence, Missouri, USA, BROWNJ293@aol.com  NOTE: E-mail address no longer valid
Message: I am looking for any info on Jeremiah and Nancy Hebblethwaite. They were my greatgrandparents and they settled in Southeast Missouri (Licking, Dent County, Missouri). Jeremiah was born in 1826 in Halifax, England, and had 4 brothers (Thomas, Joseph, William and Christopher), and 4 sisters (Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary, and Ruth Ann).
His parents were William Hebblethwaite and Martha Briggs. William was born around 1795. I found out that Nancy was born in either Ohio or Kentucky. 
My grandfather was Tom, he had at least 2 brothers (James and Hark??). My Mom says that Tom was born in Missouri, but the rest of his siblings were born in England. My father was James E Hebblethwaite, (born in 1910), he had 9 siblings. My father died in 1975.
I know this is not much to go on, but any info would be great.
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