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Subject: May Hebblethwaite and Martin Perratt, Huddersfield
Posted by: Martin S. Perratt, martin.perratt@ntlworld.com  NOTE: E-mail address no longer valid
Message: May Hebblethwaite, I have only just discovered, was my late father's first wife. His name was Martin Perratt aged 22 in 1943. Can you provide me with any information about this lady as her existence was kept a secret from myself and my brother until recently viewing my late father`s RAF WW2 service record? It is possible (but we suspect unlikely) that I have a half brother/sister(s) in Huddersfield. My father died in 1988 and my mother in 1986, never having told us of this first marriage. My father`s RAF records show her address (as next of kin) being 45 Barrack St, Hepworth, Huddersfield. This was 11th August 1944. My father married May in Lennoxtown near Glasgow in June 1943. His family were based in Lennoxtown. I suspect that he met her whilst on posting to an RAF station in England somewhere near Huddersfield. Hebblethwaite is not a very common name in Scotland and my internet research strongly suggests that she was much more likely to have been a native of Huddersfield. I do not have any other information on May. Either through being widowed or divorced, my father married my mother Catherine Robertson in 1954 in Glasgow. I would very much appreciate any information.
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