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Subject: Hebblethwaite, Holme, and Atkinson from Hutton Roof and Carnforth
Posted by: Olwyn (NZ), cramond@ihug.co.nz
Message: My connection to the Hebblethwaite name, is a very distant one. It would appear that my Gt.Gt. Grandfather, Robert ATKINSON b,1790 Hutton Roof who married Barbara HOLME in1814, was the son of George ATKINSON and Thomasin HEBBLETHWAITE.

To make this easier to follow, I will list the HEBBLETHWAITE families from the earliest dates we have. I in turn, have been given the genealogy of this family, and I haven't tried to verify any further back than Thomasin. It would appear that the infornation I was given is pretty sound.

John HEBLEWHAT of Carnforth m. ???????
1667   Richard
1668   John
1672    Robert
1674    Elizabeth
1680    a son??? 
1684    Margret  (spelt like this)
1688    Christopher m 1709 Ann BOWSPILL

FAMILY of Christopher and Ann
1710   John m.1734 Eliza BURROW 
I have no details of other siblings.

FAMILY of John and Eliza
1736    John    d.1736
1737    John
1740    Robert    d.1742
1743    Robert 
1747    Anne
1750    Thomasin    d.1818  who married George ATKINSON in 1777
1756    Elizabeth ????????

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