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Hebblethwaite Hall
Hebblethwaite Hall is located in Cautley, Sedbergh, Cumbria. Reference is made to the Mannor or Graunge of Hebblethwaite and landes in Sedbergh, owned by Edward Middleton, in the will of Henry Hebblethwaite, dated 27 June 1587. It is likely the hall was held by some Monastery prior to the Reformation, possibly Jervaulx, which was known to have had lands in Cautley. Furthermore, the term Grange indicates that some or all of the land would have been worked by the monks themselves rather than by Customary Tenants. Following the dissolution, it appears that the manor was bought from the Crown by the Middletons of Middleton Hall.

From Hebblethwaite Hall there arose the very ancient Hebblethwaite Family. There are many early references to its members and, as early as the Poll Tax of Richard II 1379, there are listed a Richardus Hebletwayt et uxor and an Agnes de Hebletwayt.

Hebblethwaite Hall, Sedbergh 

An illustration of Hebblethwaite Hall by J A Symington
Reproduced from Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent
by W Thompson MA, published 1892
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