Revision History Home Page
Date Detail
30.08.2023 Improved visibility of link to AH page and support for Ukraine
23.03.2023 Tale of move to Pot Gill Holme added to William Hebblethwaite's Generation Page
17.11.2016 Addition of various genealogy websites as suggested by and Megan Bounds (Ancestry.com) Sarah Brian (Forevercurious.org)
25.07.2016 Update to email address for site contact and for Adrian Gray (Essex and West Indies Hebblethwaites)
28.03.2016 Update with Home Advisor family history and genealogy website - following contact from Julie Loomis
10.01.2015 Correction to Index page and update to Contacts - including addition of LinkedIn hyperlink
14.11.2014 Revised Search Page 014. Also addition of Hebble Buses to About Places - Hebble River
29.10.2012 Buttons page revised. Contact Hebblethwaites website for information. Forward to Jeremy - hebblerj@gmail.com
05.08.2012 Update to Family Search Page 031 - approximate date of photo provided by Andy Micklethwaite
03.06.2012 Search Page for Northowram and Southowram Hebblethwaites #2
21.01.2012 Search Page for A S Hebblethwaite, Burley-in-Wharfedale
19.09.2010 Search Pages added for Robert Hebblethwaite, Sedbergh (Search 072) and Brian Hebblethwaite (Search 073)
25.06.2010 Remove Search page for Canadian (Ontario) Hebblethwaites - Search 070
17.06.2010 Search page for Canadian (Ontario) Hebblethwaites - Search 070, and search page for Halifax Hebblethwaites - Search 071 added. Various corrections to metatags on assorted search pages
18.03.2010 Search page for Canadian and Leeds, England, Hebblethwaites - Search 069
01.03.2010 Update to Search 043 and addition of John Hebblethwaite's email to replace ex wife's email
05.02.2010 Pages for Wooldale Memorials and Hebblethwaite Gravestone Photographs added
02.02.2010 Search page for Albert Hebblethwaite added - Search 068
07.10.2009 Correction to Hebblethwaite Cave page - permission to visit to be obtained from Hebblethwaite Hall Farm
04.10.2009 Search page for Carlisle Hebblethaites added - Search 067. Updated message for Search 062
14.09.2009 Search page for Catherine Hebelthwh(a)ite Shephard added - Search 066
28.06.2009 Image of Hebblethwaite Memorial Gate added
10.06.2009 Correction to Simon Hamilton's email address on Search057
07.03.2009 Search page for Portuguese and Leeds Hebblethwaites added - Search065
06.12.2008 Update to Anna Hebblethwaite page with sibling details and Ukraine song .MP3 file
16.11.2008 Update to Glenn Hebblethwaite email address - Search 024
16.11.2008 Update to Dorothy Williams email address - Search 022
24.09.2008 Update to Anna Hebblethwaite page and improved quality MP3 file
22.09.2008 Update to Anna Hebblethwaite page with PDF and Audio downloads
03.08.2008 Further information for Search062 - Julian Hebblethwaite (Builder)
14.07.2008 New information for Search062 - Julian Hebblethwaite (Builder). New Search Page 064 - Mary Boynton/Hebblethwaite
03.05.2008 Revised email address for Search033 and Search063 added
10.04.2008 Correction to Author details for Orielenses Bibite
15.03.2008 Hebblethwaite Wood page added
15.03.2008 Additional information on Search Pages 051, 053 and 061. J Hebblethwaite (Builder) Search Page 062 and Hebblethwaite Memorial Gate added. PDF charts for Northowram/Southowram Hebblethwaites added to Charts page
25.02.2008 Revised email address on Search Page 037. New search for John Hebblethwaite ex Gillingham Boys' Grammar School
03.01.2008 Revision to Index and Contacts & Links pages
09.12.2007 Revision to Bryan Hebblethwaite and Letchworth Family Search pages
28.09.2007 Revision to Index (New Pages section) and Hebblethwaite Mill pages
23.09.2007 Hebblethwaite Navy Cut tobacco tin page added. Robots.txt file added. Sitemap.txt file revised
22.09.2007 Revisions to Contacts and Charts pages. More pages with invalid e-mail addresses highlighted. Hebblethwaite Mill page added
16.09.2007 Family Search pages with invalid e-mail addresses highlighted. Google Tools metatag added
10.09.2007 Update to Columbus and Frank Hebblethwaite pages. Family Search pages with invalid e-mail addresses highlighted
09.09.2007 Correction to Chris Moore e-mail. Note regarding invalid e-mail addresses on Family Search page
30.08.2007 Various revisions to pages. Including Buttons, Margaret, both Pauls
29.08.2007 Hebblethwaite website page added
28.08.2007 Revisions to pages with out-dated links
27.08.2007 Upload of all HTML files with revised structure
24.08.2007 Temporary Index page updated. Site availability changed to 01.09.2007
04.08.2007 Upload with Temporary Index page to Hebblethwaites.net
28.01.2007 Family Search message for Doug Hebblethwaite, Huddersfield. Death of Donald Hebblethwaite recorded. Change of e-mail address for Chris Hebblethwaite.
31.12.2006 Link to William 1 website. Minor design change to Search page.
29.12.2006 More Family Search messages: William Hebblethwaite. Photos added to Bryan Hebblethwaite. Chris Hebblethwaite's pedigree file added to contacts. Sutton site re-established. Genealogy Guide link.
25.05.2006 More Family Search messages. Bryan Hebblethwaite, Reginald Hebblethwaite, 
Zambian Hebblethwaites
01.12.2005 Addition of Farley Photo Archive for King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table
07.11.2005 Bailey and Sutton website link disabled
24.10.2005 Further images of HS Hebblethwaite caricatures
11.09.2005 Add image of Richard and Agnes Hebblethwaite initials on barn truss at Kilner Foot
05.09.2005 Updated image for SH Hebblethwaite and search details. Search for Peter Hebblethwaite
19.03.2005 Search Request for Linda Kemp. Change to Vicor Hepplethwaite's e-mail address
30.01.2005 Search request for Dick Thomas - Southowram Hebblethwaites
09.01.2005 Search request for Lynn Allen for parents of Beth Ann Hebblethwaite
13.09.2004 Search request for Debbie Hebblethwaite. Direct link to Family Search from Index page
17.08.2004 Numerous additions to Family Search page (some long overdue!)
11.08.2004 Oriel Boat Club Song mystery solved - Roger Hebblethwaite
08.07.2004 Correction to Anna Hebblethwaite page. Counter text made invisible - counter has disappeared!
21.04.2004 Addition of Allison J. Hebblethwaite and David Hebblethwaite (Artists) to People Page
21.03.2004 Addition to James Hebblethwaite's Poetry, link to Ancestry.com and Ebelthite sites, 
Anna Hebblethwaite's Page added
22.08.2003 New photograph of Hebblethwaite Arms supplied by Peter Hebblethwaite
13.08.2003 Remove Mailto link - attracts Spam?
28.07.2003 Numerous additions to Family Search page
13.01.2003 Entry on Heraldic Visitations
09.01.2003 Details of Paul Hebblethwaite and BT Global Challenge 1996-97 added to About People page
03.01.2003 Restructured Family Search page. Messages from Laurie Hayley and Bill Crabill added
30.12.2002 Updated Places page with Sedbergh School, Middleton Hall and Killington Hall
21.11.2002 Message for Steve Medley added to Family Search page. Additional information on James Hebblethwaite (poet)
03.11.2002 Message for Peggy Brown added to Family Search page
21.08.2002 Message for Jan Hebblethwaite and Chris Hebblethwaite added to Family Search page. Additional information on James Hebblethwaite (poet)
01.07.2002 Message for Martin Perratt added to Family Search page
16.06.2002 Revised Contacts page with link to JPEG charts of James Hebblethwaite of Sedbergh
25.05.2002 More messages and link to Contacts and Family Search from Family Pages
12.04.2002 Message for Ryan Galbraith added to Family Search page
24.03.2002 Correction to spelling of genealogy. John Cameron Ward added to Family Search page
10.02.2002 Messages from Lee Hebblethwaite and Sam Roeland
20.01.2002 Complete revision of General Information pages to include Notable Hebblethwaites
29.12.2001 Revised Home Page with annimation and new content metatag. All links to open in new window
28.12.2001 Message from David Hebblethwaite added to Family Search page and link to Wrathall web site
20.12.2001 Message for John Edward Hebblethwaite added to Family Search page
11.11.2001 Further message added to Family Search page
18.09.2001 More messages added to Family Search page
27.07.2001 E-mail link to Dent Diggers on Capstick and Links page
12.07.2001 Even more messages added to Family Search page
21.06.2001 More new messages added to Family Search page
08.05.2001 Further messages added to Family Search page
14.04.2001 Improved navigation and extra links for geneological research
08.04.2001 Improved Index page and addition of War Graves information. Upload to new SupaNames Server
12.03.2001 Section on Hebblethwaite Buttons added
05.03.2001 First details added to Family Search page
13.02.2001 Family Search Page added to Contacts & Links
06.02.2001 Revision to Index Page text, Revision Page format, and improved links on all pages
30.01.2001 Full upload of website. First fully functional version
03.01.2001 First upload of website with temporary pages to test functionality